Saturday 17 May 2014

Too good a day to miss

With a few days to go it was obvious that Saturday 17th May was going to be absolutely glorious, hottest day so far and perfectly clear.  So the Leicester 'chapter' of the Robin Hood Club decided on a last minute run out and invited all along.  The start point was only 45 mins from me so I couldn't resist.   Joined up with 5 other cars for a 90 min run through the back roads of Leicester and Rutland, with the occasional rest stop.  

Great fun, although it was about 5-10 mph outside my comfort zone and the front and back ends got very 'lively' on more than occasion.  Also got airborne over one bridge and felt the sump guard 'kiss' the ground on touchdown.

And finishing up at a pub of course.

Came back on a shortcut which was simply a single line on the satnav.  Got slightly concerned when I had to cross a cattle grid, but luckily road remained tarmaced and with enough room for one car with the occasional passing place.

Memorable day.

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