Sunday 2 July 2023

Static Test (6) - Alternator

My program also tracks the battery voltage (actually the alternator voltage when the engine is running)   The voltmeter I have in the car indicates about 14.2V, although the ECU reckons it is 13.7V.   It’s perhaps a bit on the low side, but is still well within the normal range so not worried about that.

Static Test (5) - Lambda Sensor

One of the most important checks is the lambda sensor.   You will have seen from previous posts that this is a sore point on the Superspec.  I’m pleased to report that mine continues to work perfectly.  The pictures show the whole 20 minutes and a snap shot of a 2 min segment.   It’s a fairly crude system that we used to call the ‘bang-bang’ method (maybe they still do?).  Rather than try and stabilise the fuel/air ratio it goes from rich to lean in a very fast cycle so that over time the average mixture is correct.