Monday 29 February 2016


After doing a lot of work on my analysis program I decided it was good enough to release to other owners.

The final package comes in 2 parts.  The first program uses a batch file called MEMSLogger which produces a comprehensive log file while you are driving.   This is then read in by MEMSAnalyser, which produces a graphical display of the trip.

Here is an example screenshot of the RPM for the first 5 minutes of a trip. 

Across the top are the most useful parameters, each of which can be selected and displayed.    

Across the bottom are various selections so you can display segments of the trip over various times.    A vertical marker allows you to examine individual data points.    And on the right are red/green flags for the various fault codes.

There is also a User-Defined button to look at all 60 parameters, many of which are still unknown.  

Here is a screenshot using that button to look at the Short-Term Fuel Trim over a 10 minute period:

The whole package can be downloaded from  All comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

I am particularly interested to know if it works with MEMS 1.9 and what the unknown parameters might be.

Wednesday 10 February 2016

ECU Analysis

Busy time over the last few days.  Now I can 'talk' to the ECU I needed some way to interpret the results.   So I have built a program to do the analysis.   Took her out 4 times today (beautiful weather, perfect for driving) to get some data points.

Here are some results (You can see the parameters I can analyse across the top of the screenshot).

First the temperatures in and around the car:   Not bad

Now the ignition timing:    Again looks good, switching from 5-25 deg advanced.

Finally the lambda (Oxygen) sensor voltage.   This does not look so good and seems to indicate it may not be working properly.  More research required  

Worth pointing out I am temporarily running with both exhaust pipes open.   I will block one shut tomorrow and see if the data shows anything different.

Fascinating stuff.    If anyone wants to try the software you can get it from

Thursday 4 February 2016

Longer Wind Deflectors

The Wind Deflectors I fitted were a huge success, enabling me to dispense with the doors and still drive in windy conditions and even light rain.   The only slight problem was that I used to get a cold/wet elbow as they were not really long enough.  So today I replaced the 300mm deep ones with a set of 500mm deep ones, adding a third mounting bracket at the bottom for added stability.   Here is the old and new.

Tuesday 2 February 2016

A Bit of Bling

I have always admired new sports cars that have painted calipers.  In my case it will have to wait until I take them off for servicing, but meanwhile there was nothing to stop me doing the discs.   So having primed them before, a quick spray of top coat of caliper paint and I love the look.

Suspension Check

It's always a worry with a hand-built car that everything is nice and tight.   A good tip I picked up from the forum was to use Tippex to mark the crucial nuts and bolts.   That way it is obvious if they start to undo.   So I started with the rear suspension,.

Monday 1 February 2016

Handbrake Warning Light at Last

Ever since I had the car and got caught out by driving away with the handbrake on, the number one job on my ToDo list was to fit a Handbrake Warning Light.  As of tonight I have one.

A few months ago I bought a second-hand Sierra handbrake as a spare and found it had a warning light switch built in.  My idea was to replace the exciting handbrake with this new one, a fairly major job as the mechanism under the floor has been 'scrunched' a bit after repeated impacts with the road.  

But when I looked closely this morning I saw the switch was actually just clamped onto the handbrake through a couple of indents.  
So I whipped out the passenger seat to access the handbrake, checked it and bingo, it had the same indents.    So a quick transfer of the switch, wired it into the loom (the existing wiring was already present in the tunnel).  
And I now have a Handbrake Warning Light. 

Job done !! 

Later:  Turned out my original wiring route wasn't suitable as it chafed, so I drilled a hole in the tunnel wall, inserted a grommet and put the wire straight into the tunnel.   Much better.