Friday 27 June 2014


Car in for rear bushes to be replaced and steering UV joint fixed and then MOT.   Feels most odd going into the garage and she isn't there, just a great big hole.

He is also going to fix the leaking sump so hopefully the patch in the middle of the floor will be no more.

Just have to be patient.  Luckily it is raining so wouldn't be out anyway.

Sunday 22 June 2014

Lincolnshire June Meeting

I decided that the June meeting of the Lincolnshire chapter of the Club would be local and we arranged for the lads to attend the Castle Bytham annual Midsummer Fair (,  Street Market, Dog Show, Music, Beer/BBQ tent, Morris Dancers, American Civil War reenactment, Duck Race, Battle of Britain flypast......  Everything that you expect from a small English village fair.

Great day, perfect weather (again) and we got 8 cars on the display.  As usual, very popular with the visitors, especially the Dads and the young boys.

I was lucky it was only 3 miles as the steering is now very dodgy and definitely not up to a long journey.  
I even managed to get good weather for the third meeting in a row,  Great day all around.

And we even had a march past from the Civil War team.

Monday 16 June 2014

Steering Rack

Spent the morning dropping the steering rack out.

Rather pleased with myself as never tackled anything that major.  Took me 1.5 hrs with nicely skinned knuckles but managed it in the end.

Bad news is that there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with it.  There is no play in the steering box itself and it all seems fine, so the problem must lie elsewhere, 

Maybe the Universal Joint that connects the steering column to the steering box.  

I have a spare one of those, but according to the original designer one end is welded to the steering column so I will have to get an expert to tackle that.

Postscript:   I replaced both the bolts (which were bent) with new high tensile bolts and nyloc nuts and it is now certain that the UV joint is worn and will need replacing. 

Monday 9 June 2014

Grounded :-(

Having had no major problems in the first year it was inevitable something would happen.   After a 90+ mile run with apparently no problems I woke up this morning to find that the steering wheel has lots of play in it, I can turn it +/-10 degs with no sign of movement in the wheels.  My suspicion is that something has broken in the steering box as the spindle is turning but the rack is not moving.

Time to take it off and have a look.