Thursday 27 September 2018

Holed Sump

I thought it was all going too well.    

Decided to go to the pictures in Peterborough.   Bowling along nicely on the A151 to Bourne when I remembered a spot where I always 'kiss' the road, so pulled across to the other side of the road to avoid it.   Result was an almighty bang that rattled the teeth.  

I carried on, while checking behind the car to see if I was dumping oil.   It looked OK so I continued.   Then half way there I noticed my oil pressure had dropped from it's normal 80psi to 40psi
Turned back home and made it to within 8 miles when the pressure dropped to zero and at long last the Oil Pressure light started flickering.   Am I  glad I put in a pressure gauge and didn't rely on the light, it comes on way too late.    

So pulled into a layby.  As I was so close I decided not to wait for the breakdown service and phoned Ruth.   So for the first (and probably last ) time she towed me home (I had always had a tow rope in my boot).   Very nicely done.

So I will have to take the sump off and take it to my mechanic to see if he can weld it (again!).  As a fallback I have a replacement alloy sump (the present one is mild steel) so can get him to fit that.   It will mean redesigning a sump guard, so it would be easier if he can repair the old one.

So grounded for a bit.