Monday 18 July 2016

New Tyres All Round

As we approach MOT time I thought it was time to replace the tyres. In actual fact the front 2 were pretty marginal while the back 2 were OK.  But they must have been at least 15 years old so had gone very stiff and I decided to replace all 4 of them.   Also, although the car can still be moved one-handed (a good indicator the tracking is OK), both the front tyres were worn on the outside, so I think I might get the tracking professionally checked anyway.

It's very subjective but she did feel better on the way home, a bit less lively than before.  But it wasn't really a decent test as, contrary to my instructions to set them at 18psi, they had put them at 23psi.   So I need to do another test run at 18psi (19-20psi when warmed up) 

Also, they had a deal on where they would do a 28-point safety check for free, so I took advantage of that.   I do check her regularly but it never does any harm to have a second pair of eyes checking me.  I was very pleased when they came up with only 3 comments:

1.   The sump is leaking   (safety ?)  They had guessed why as they had quite a problem getting the car into one of the bays.

2.   One of the exhaust pipes was blocked   (safety?)  I explained about back pressure, not sure they were convinced.

3.   One of the rear brake pipes was touching the chassis.

So just the third one to have a look at.  The original builder can take a bow

They also advised a brake fluid replacement, which is fair enough, as the recommendation is to change it every 3 years.  Might get that done.  Could do it myself, but at £35 I might let them do it.


First time I have seen her up on the lift so took the opportunity to have a good nose around.   Interesting.