Tuesday 24 January 2023

It had to happen eventually

 It was inevitable that at some point the car would break down and I would need to call out the breakdown service.   At least this one was very simple.   I was leaving for a meet up with some other owners when, after only 2 miles, the engine cut out and I rolled to a stop.   Luckily I was on a country road with very wide grass verges so I pulled off onto the grass, well clear of any traffic.

I very quickly found the characteristic 2-sec burst from the fuel pump when you switch on the ignition wasn't happening.   The fuel pump relay had previously stuck so the first thing I did was swap over the relay with the horn relay.  That didn't help so I checked all the fuses and the wiring to make sure thet were OK.

At that point I realised it wasn't going to be a quick fix so I called up AutoAid who I had a policy with.  Very impressive service, a rescue van pulled up after 45 mins.  The driver had worked on kit cars so he wasn't fazed by the 'rats nest' I call a wiring loom.  He ran all the checks I had done and also diagnosed the fuel pump.

So it was time to get the towbar out and drive me back home.

(We had to remove the nose cone to find somewhere to put the towing arm)

I was lucky to be in a suitable location on a reasonably nice day (no rnain if a bit chilly) on a journey that wasn't essential.

Now to fix it.