Monday 27 April 2015

Back from holiday

After 2 months away, arrived back and covered almost 200 miles in the first 2 days :-)

First trip was my second go at the annual Stilton Cheese Classic Car Run (   It was great turn out, with 8 Robin Hood cars, 6 of which stayed together for the whole run.   After a look around the other 300 participants we did the first 40 miles, stopping off at New Lodge Farm shop for coffee and 'stickies'.   Then another 40 miles, finishing up with a pub lunch.

Here are some pictures.

 And the next day a run to the hospital.  Originally I was going to take the Volvo but the weather was soooo  nice..... :-)

I proved the fuel smell hypothesis as for the first 3 miles the day before when I filled her up at the garage there was no smell.  Then it started and by the time I got back it was very bad.   Later that night the smell in the garage was terrible as it evaporated off.   Then next day for the Stilton Run there was no trace of a smell.   So I guess I might eventually replace the fuel hose from the tunnel to the filter, but there is no rush.

Now the silencer has started to rattle.  Next job is to check that out.