Friday 22 October 2021

New Battery

 Although I tend to put the battery on a trickle charger a day before a trip, I found that starting was becoming very sluggish.   And the voltmeter was showing that during cranking the voltage was dropping dramatically.   It's over 4 years since I had a new battery do decided it was time to get a new one.

First problem I had is that the connections I use are designed to fit a square terminal rather than the more usual post terminal.   Also the battery tray is a bit smaller than the usual, so a standard 243mm length battery will not fit.  I cannot go above 210mm.

The result was that I could not find a suitable replacement.  On the other hand Europarts had a battery of the required size, but with post terminals.  Also they had a 'winter discount' that reduced the cost from £99 down to £53.   

A quick search on Amazon showed these, perfect adapters.

Once I relaised they were different sizes they fitted perfectly.

Job done.