Monday 5 May 2014

Stoneleigh Kit Car Show

The Stoneleigh Kit Car Show marks the beginning of the season, when most people have put their cars back on the road after the winter (Not in my case of course).  So this year I attended for the first time.   It was huge, and I reckon there must have been well over 1000 cars on display, as well as 4 exhibition halls full of manufacturers stands and spare part and tool stalls.

Here are some shots of the Robin Hood stand where we had over 100 cars.
Including me

I also decided to stay overnight to take full advantage of the Show.  So for the first time in nearly 45 years I spent the night under canvas.
 Turned out to be surprisingly comfortable and I enjoyed it.

I particularly liked this car.  A very rare example of the 'gold' Superspec, limited edition model.

Looking forward to next year already

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