Sunday 25 May 2014

Rear View Mirror

When I first bought the car it had a very solid rear view mirror stuck to the top of the windscreen. Once I had got used to the fact that a car that looked as though it was 100yds back was actually 10 yds behind me, it was fine. Unfortunately one day it disappeared. I have no idea what happened, I never found it. 

So I went through a few stick on ones, but the windscreen vibrates quite a lot and they all fell off.  I eventually used super glue and managed to get one to stick but the vibration meant that the image was very blurred.  I could tell if someone was behind me but not what it was.

I checked to see what other owners had done and most of them used mirrors mounted on the scuttle, so I have gone that way.  Nice mirror, very stable and although the view is not so good (the folded hood gets in the way) it is a great improvement.

Note in the top left corner I have fitted a GoPro camera. The first attempt at a video is here

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