Friday 18 May 2018

May Meetup and run out.

Although the Club had our major meet for May at Stoneleigh, as I am away for all of June I decided to have a small one for the Lincolnshire contingent this weekend.  We normally do Saturdays & Sundays, but we were all busy on Sunday and there appears to be something happening tomorrow ?    

But as the 5 of us are all retired we decided to hold it on a Friday.    

And just to make a change from the usual pub run, we had a 'boys' day out at the Nene Valley Railway terminus at Wansford.   It was great, not only the weather and the journey there and back (35 mins each way for me) but the place itself.  
They didn't have any trains running so we had the place almost to ourselves and could have a good wander around the exhibits.

We were also lucky that a few weeks back 'Tornado' burst part of her system while going through Peterborough so she was dragged in there for repairs as it was the closest train yard,  Here she is with one of the 'Battle of Britain' class locomotives closest to us.

All followed by a leisurely lunch in the cafe.    Very civilised, beautiful weather and it made a change to be taking about trains instead of cars .

Thomas wasn't on display but we tracked him down in the workshop having a refurb.

So all in all a nice relaxing day.