Tuesday 29 November 2022

Trivial Problems

 Not surprisingly I have cut back on the drives, although I won't be SORNing the car as there are still the occasional days when it's lovely to be out.    The other problem is that it is very cold in the garage and not conducive to working on the car.  As such I am carrying a couple of nagging problems I really ought to check out.

A couple of trips ago I felt I was having to press the throttle further down than usual so decided to have a look.   The reason was obvious when I took the bonnet off:

The adjuster nuts had vibrated loose and travelled apart and I was actually lucky the cable was still inside the gate.    It seemed a quick fix, but when I tightened it up I found she was idling at around 2000rpm instead of 1000rpm.   I tried adjusting it, but it is very difficult to do as the engine needs to be fully warmed up before the genuine idle speed is obtained.   At the moment I have it down to 1400 rpm so it still needs work,

I am still losing water, although very slowly.  It just means I have to top her up every 200 miles or so.   I've accessed all the pipes I can get at and none of them are showing any synptoms of a leak.   However I haven't checked the connections under the expansion bottle as that needs accessing from underneath.   However, in the last few trips I have felt water (or fuel ?)  dripping onto my left ankle as I drive away from the house.  Unfortunately the expansion bottle is on the passenger side of the car and at first glance I cannot see how any water could move across the car to the driver side.   I'll have to put her on extended axle stands so I can do a proper check.   But is is sooo cold 😀