Thursday 6 August 2020

MOT Time

It was that time of year again.   I had checked the car over and all the obvious stuff was OK, lights all worked, brakes looked good.....  However, the usual spectre of the emissions test loomed over it, although I repeated the procedure from last year in that I ran a bottle of injector cleaner through the system and then did a reasonably long run staying in 3rd gear to get the RPM up to 4-5000 rpm.   Also there were the advisories for last year regarding the wishbone bushes.

So put her in with some trepidation.   Result:  A clear pass with no advisories 😅

Not bad for a 13 yr old car, particularly as she took 5 years to build so is actually 18 yrs old, and the engine and transmission date from 1995, 25 years ago.