Tuesday 27 August 2019

Stamford Car Show

Took her to the Stamford Car Show on Sunday.   A bit disappointing, only 4 cars turned up, the usual suspects who keep the Lincolnshire chapter working, even though one lives in Rutland and one in Leicestershire :-)

As you can imagine it was ridiculously hot so we spent most of the day sitting under trees about 100 yds away.:-)
She drove well apart from an occasional quite disconcerting rattle which came and went depending on engine speed.   I was a bit worried till I realised it must be my new sump guard, which isn't such a snug fit as the last one, was vibrating at a resonant speed and hitting the engine.  And not surprisingly the engine ran about 2-3 degrees hotter on the journey back as the outside temp was 86F.

So I have taken the sump guard off, bent the holding arms to make it a better fir and put some cardboard between the sump and the guard to isolate it in case it still vibrates.   Time will tell if that works.

Friday 23 August 2019


She's good to go for another year :-):-)
Dropped her off on Wednesday and my mechanic took her straight to the MOT station.  When he went back the tester said she had failed so he assumed it was the emissions.  But to everybody's surprise she had got through, and this was on my day-to-day exhaust system..   The CO was 0.049 against a maximum of 0.2 and the HC was 35 against a maximum of 200.  Looks like catalytic converter is working OK, maybe the 40 mile blast in 3rd gear did the trick.   And the lambda was fine, 0.999 against a range of 0.97 to 1.03, so that is almost perfect.   Only the second time I have actually received an emissions certificate,:-)

She failed on the windscreen wipers not clearing the windscreen properly, mainly because of my upgrade from 7" wipers to 10" wipers.  But I didn't need to change them back as a quick 'bend' of the wipers solved the problem.

And the other problem was excessive play on the steering column lower U/V joint.   This has been a problem for the car for years, Pete had to tighten it up before he sold me the car. and I had to have it replaced 4 yeas ago.   He took it off, hit it a few times with a hammer and replaced the pinch bolts.  Good to go

The only other problem is that when he put the car on the rollers they stripped my sump guard off He had eyeballed the clearance and decided it was OK.   Easy enough to replace, and having the MOT tester owe you one is no bad thing.

There are 2 advisories for the top bushes on the front suspension, I'll get those done sometime in the year.  It's amazing they have lasted 10 years (5 with Pete and 5 with me) and 23,000 miles,

The icing on the cake is that he had only ever driven her to the MOT station which is a mile away.  This time, because of road closures he had to take the back roads and went quite distance. He said he really enjoyed it and found the drive and handling very good.

I asked him about the high oil pressure,  He laughed and said the majority of his clients would kill for that pressure.   Told me not to worry as if it was really excessive I would be leaking oil all over the place.   And I haven't had to add any oil for months.