Sunday 18 May 2014

Second Lincolnshire Meeting

After the success of the inaugural meeting it was time for another one.  Although I had floated the idea of an evening at a pub in April, most people were busy and a few said they after a full day at work they just didn't fancy a long drive to a pub where they couldn't drink anyway.  So the general consensus was that the family Sunday lunch was the way to go.

The only member who hadn't been able to attend the first meeting lived near Lincoln so I decided to use a pub very near him called the Woodcocks.

Once again a huge success, particularly with the weather as I again picked the hottest day of the year so far.  Very nice pub, very efficient, good food and a lovely setup.  We managed 25 people, including 10 cars that we managed to line up together in the car park.  As usual, the centre of attraction :-)

Great day out.   For me it was a 90 mile round journey, but I did it all on country back roads apart from an unavoidable short stretch on a couple of A roads.   Car behaved impeccably.

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