Thursday 6 August 2020

MOT Time

It was that time of year again.   I had checked the car over and all the obvious stuff was OK, lights all worked, brakes looked good.....  However, the usual spectre of the emissions test loomed over it, although I repeated the procedure from last year in that I ran a bottle of injector cleaner through the system and then did a reasonably long run staying in 3rd gear to get the RPM up to 4-5000 rpm.   Also there were the advisories for last year regarding the wishbone bushes.

So put her in with some trepidation.   Result:  A clear pass with no advisories 😅

Not bad for a 13 yr old car, particularly as she took 5 years to build so is actually 18 yrs old, and the engine and transmission date from 1995, 25 years ago.

Friday 31 July 2020

Breakdown Number Three

Nice day today as 6 of us met up at Foxton Locks for a picnic.  Lovely drive, didn't touch a single A Road, all country lanes.  It was a comfortable 1:05 hr each way (40 miles) and great weather. 
I think I had been through the locks in a boat but had never wandered round.  

Unfortunately while I was driving there I had breakdown number 3  (First was when the water hose blew off the pipe and the second was when I holed the sump.   Still not bad for 7 years of driving).   I was just coming out of Oakham when I found I couldn't change gear easily.   It got worse until suddenly the clutch pedal just dropped to the floor.   As luck would have it I was passing a housing estate and just inside was a row of garages with plenty of tarmac in front,  So I stopped there to check.   I has assumed the clutch cable had snapped, a regular occurrence on these cars.   But I was wrong.   Some of you might remember I modified the clutch cable/pedal a few months after I bought the car.    The diagram shows what I did.

The original fit is the top diagram and you can see the clutch cable is bent so has a lot of strain put on it,  So I used a couple of pieces of stainless steel to make a joint that allowed the cable to be perfectly aligned.  

And this is what I saw when I took the top of the pedal box off:

After 7 years of constant flexing the stainless steel had given up and parted in the middle.   Luckily the fix was fairly easy, I just removed all the bits and bolted the cable directly to the pedal as it used to be when I bought the car.   Total time was 30 mins.  I had been running 20 mins ahead of schedule so was actually only 10 mins late at the locks.

So I can keep my 100% record of never calling the rescue services to get me home, and I didn't have to use the spare clutch cable I always keep in the boot. :-)

I will rebuild it tomorrow but use thicker steel, even though the normal steel lasted 7 years.

Monday 15 June 2020

Drinks Holder

I have got into the habit of carrying a bottle of water around.  Up to now it has just been left in the passenger seat.   Not any more.😆