Monday 19 May 2014

Pre-MOT Check

Although the MOT is over a month away I decided it would be sensible to get her checked out. Took her in to a local chap who is a Classic Car mechanic and offers pre-MOT checks.  Very encouraging, with only one real problem. This was what he told me:

1.  Indicators inoperable
This was a bit of a surprise as they had been working when I delivered the car to him.   Very quickly found the cause though, when I took the Flasher Unit out it was dripping with water.  It had been raining when I delivered the car and it then sat in rain for a few hours.  Obviously there is a leak in the scuttle just above the flasher relay.  Sod's law.   I tried drying it out on the radiator but that didn't help, but then half way round the run I did this afternoon (separate e-mail) they suddenly started working again, so obviously it just needed to dry out. I have put it inside a plastic bag for now although it is unlikely to happen again.

  2.  Front brake flexi hoses catch the suspension
He is right, they do sort of hang there and foul the suspension on full lock.  I decided a couple of cable ties to secure them out of the way of the suspension would solve it.

3.  Front off-side wheel arch loose
This is my rubber mounted idea with the replacement cycle wing.  He said it wouldn't be a failure but just to be on the safe side have replaced the rubber mount with a steel mount for the purposes of the MOT.

 4.  Rear shock absorbers damp- clean off & monitor
I knew this would happen as I had been underneath and they both appear to be leaking a bit.  But he says they are fine at the moment and something to just bear in mind.  I have a long term plan to replace all the shock absorbers anyway with some decent ones.

5.  Play in off-side and near-side rear swinging arm bushes
This is the biggie.  He showed me how the bushes are worn and the trailing arms are twisting independently.  At the moment they are marginal and he said if only one side was like that it would just be an advisory.  But with both worn he wasn't confident it would pass.  So we discussed it and agreed it made sense to replace them as they would need doing before the next MOT anyway.

6.  Wipers marking the windscreen
Fixed by a bit of judicious bending

7.  Exhaust blowing- this needs sorting before an emissions test can be carried out.
She started blowing again a few days ago so I needed to fix it.  It was my fault anyway as when I fixed the original blow I didn't surround the join with a decent bit of steel to support it.   So because it is only mounted at the engine and the back the whole thing flexes and vibrates and has disturbed my fix.   So tried to make a stronger mount this time but I think it needs a piece of steel to be machined.   So it was the same short-term fix as 6 months ago, but this time using a slightly stronger can (mushy peas as it happens).

He has ordered a set of bushes for the rear suspension, so I just need to drop the car off with him next month.  And he has promised I can watch/help so I can better understand how the car is put together.

Very pleased there were no show stoppers.

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