Sunday 31 August 2014

Donington Kit Car Show

A good weekend at the Donington Kit Car Show.   Decided to try camping over the weekend again so loaded up the car:

Very successful any particularly nice to be cooking my own breakfast on a camping stove for the first time in 45 years.   The Club had a good turn out and I reckon there were 20-25 men, many with families who stayed overnight.   This was the car park next to the tents:

In the evening the Club had organised a 'run-out' in memory of the previous Chairman who had, unfortunately, died suddenly a few months ago.   His wife and children have continued to be involved with the Club and were given rides on the run.  In the event 26 cars started (the sight of 26 cars arriving simultaneously at a Motorway Service station for petrol was a sight to behold.) We drove for an hour and 22 of the cars successfully arrived at a chip shop in Ashbourne, Derbyshire.  Here we are at the Car Park with plenty of admiring looks from the locals.

Unfortunately it started to rain just before the return journey so we had to drive back in the dark with pouring rain.   Didn't enjoy it all.

The show itself had all the usual stands, from part suppliers to kit car producers.  This was one of my favourites, a car from GBS who took over Robin Hood.   Fully turbocharged and a monster !!

Maybe later.

Sunday 24 August 2014

Stamford Car Show

Although I had only been back in the country for only 36 hours I decided to take the car to the Stamford Car Show, which is one of the biggest shows around where I live.   Two other members of the Robin Hood Club also came.  Their cars were beautifully turned out, making mine look decidedly scruffy.

In my defence it has been a very busy 36 hours so I hadn't had a chance to smarten her up. What made it worse was that I was placed between an immaculate Corvette
and an equally immaculate 1936 Auburn Boat Tail Speeder.  This was probably the most photographed of the 500+ cars at the Show so I suspect I will be in lots of people photos, but in the background.

Overall, apart from mine, this was my favourite car.  A Stingray Corvette.  According to the owner it handles appallingly and is a pig to drive, but who cares :-)