Thursday 18 August 2022

MOT Time

 It's that time of year again 😅  I never look forward to it as while I can make sure 90% of the car is ready I can never predict what the emissions test will throw up.   I was also a bit worried about the sump guard.   A few years ago they ripped my Mk1 version off when using the rollers for the brake test.   Last year I removed the Mk2 version just before the MOT and they managed to hole my sump.

So this year I gave her to my mechanic, who checks her over before taking her to the local garage and asked him to remind them to be careful with the rollers, and also to make sure she was well up to temperature before they did the emissions test.   He mentioned that a couple of his vehicles (4x4) could not be tested on the rollers and that they did a 'tap' test, which involves putting a decelerometer in the car and then driving it round the block and tapping on the brakes.   Sounded good to me.

So off I went to wait at home, but a couple of hours later I got a phone call to say that the tester had got a bit carried away with the emissions test and had run her so hot a cooling hose had blown off and filled his inspection pit with hot water/antifreeze.   My mechannic said he would take his trailer down, bring her back and try and fix her.   Next phone call was a couple of hours later to tell me she had passed with flying colours with no advisories and was ready for pick up.

At the same time I had asked him to fit my new speedo cable, as fitting the gearbox end requires the car to be up on a lift to get access to it.   He fitted it, but unfortunately I found on the way home that the speedo still didn't work so we aren't there yet.

More on that later.