Saturday 10 September 2016

Proper Thermostat Switch Fitted

It was time to play with the cooling system again    It's been very well behaved recently, with the exception of the adjustable fan switch, which had become intermittent and a bit unpredictable.    

You might recall I couldn't get the sensor actually into the water system so it was clamped to the stainless steel top pipe.   

The problem with that is that it takes time for the pipe to heat up to the same temperature as the water, hence the unpredictability.   It was no big deal, I just got into the habit of switching the fan on in 30 mph speed limits and if I was going to be maintaining 70 mph for any length of time.   

So I decided it was time to change it for a proper engineered solution.   I inserted an aluminium tube, with a tapping for a temperature switch, into the top hose.    

Not as simple as it sounds, took over an hour and involved washing up liquid, a hot gun paint stripper, my wife, 2 screwdrivers and a lot of swearing and shouting,   But very pleased with final result (although wiring needs tidying up).   

And I found out why the adjustable one had been intermittent when I checked the wiring at the fan and there was a break in the cable.    But I still prefer this solution. 

Wasn't able to do a road test as it was raining but ran her up in the garage with the diagnosis software running and the fan kicked in at 92 C  and stopped when she cooled to 88C, so that seems perfect.    Have to see how she behaves in the real world.

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