Thursday 1 September 2016

LED Rear Lights

Gave her a good wash yesterday and predictably the indicators immediately failed    I really thought I had fixed that, but apparently not.   No problem though, a couple of minutes with a heat gun (paint stripping) dried most of it and then they started working again on the way back from the gym once the engine heat had dried out the flasher unit.
Today followed a friends suggestion and replaced one of the rear clusters with an LED cluster (he struggled to see my indicator following me in bright sunshine)

Only did the nearside as a 'proof of concept.   First impressions not good.    Difficult to quantify it while just in the garage but the LEDs don't look half as bright as the originals.   And with the lights on the extra illumination of the brake light is minimal.  Having said that they were extremely cheap Chinese ones and the indicator has only 5 LEDs and the tail light 5 LEDs with an extra 2 for the brake light.   This compares with the 32 LEDs on my high-level brake light which works extremely well.   So maybe I need to find some with a lot more LEDs. 

I'll leave it on for now until someone can follow me in his car and test them properly, but I suspect I will finish up going back to the original bulbs, maybe polishing the reflectors a bit.

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