Monday 29 February 2016


After doing a lot of work on my analysis program I decided it was good enough to release to other owners.

The final package comes in 2 parts.  The first program uses a batch file called MEMSLogger which produces a comprehensive log file while you are driving.   This is then read in by MEMSAnalyser, which produces a graphical display of the trip.

Here is an example screenshot of the RPM for the first 5 minutes of a trip. 

Across the top are the most useful parameters, each of which can be selected and displayed.    

Across the bottom are various selections so you can display segments of the trip over various times.    A vertical marker allows you to examine individual data points.    And on the right are red/green flags for the various fault codes.

There is also a User-Defined button to look at all 60 parameters, many of which are still unknown.  

Here is a screenshot using that button to look at the Short-Term Fuel Trim over a 10 minute period:

The whole package can be downloaded from  All comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

I am particularly interested to know if it works with MEMS 1.9 and what the unknown parameters might be.

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