Monday 1 February 2016

Handbrake Warning Light at Last

Ever since I had the car and got caught out by driving away with the handbrake on, the number one job on my ToDo list was to fit a Handbrake Warning Light.  As of tonight I have one.

A few months ago I bought a second-hand Sierra handbrake as a spare and found it had a warning light switch built in.  My idea was to replace the exciting handbrake with this new one, a fairly major job as the mechanism under the floor has been 'scrunched' a bit after repeated impacts with the road.  

But when I looked closely this morning I saw the switch was actually just clamped onto the handbrake through a couple of indents.  
So I whipped out the passenger seat to access the handbrake, checked it and bingo, it had the same indents.    So a quick transfer of the switch, wired it into the loom (the existing wiring was already present in the tunnel).  
And I now have a Handbrake Warning Light. 

Job done !! 

Later:  Turned out my original wiring route wasn't suitable as it chafed, so I drilled a hole in the tunnel wall, inserted a grommet and put the wire straight into the tunnel.   Much better.

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