Wednesday 10 February 2016

ECU Analysis

Busy time over the last few days.  Now I can 'talk' to the ECU I needed some way to interpret the results.   So I have built a program to do the analysis.   Took her out 4 times today (beautiful weather, perfect for driving) to get some data points.

Here are some results (You can see the parameters I can analyse across the top of the screenshot).

First the temperatures in and around the car:   Not bad

Now the ignition timing:    Again looks good, switching from 5-25 deg advanced.

Finally the lambda (Oxygen) sensor voltage.   This does not look so good and seems to indicate it may not be working properly.  More research required  

Worth pointing out I am temporarily running with both exhaust pipes open.   I will block one shut tomorrow and see if the data shows anything different.

Fascinating stuff.    If anyone wants to try the software you can get it from

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