Wednesday 7 October 2015

Rewiring The Indicators

I have found I have to take the nose cone off quite a lot and that involves disconnecting the indicator lights.   Recently the inevitable happened and one of them stopped working because of all the constant fiddling.   So time to do a proper job.   Interestingly she doesn't behave like most cars, where the flashers run double-speed if a bulb fails.  They still run at normal speed.  I expect it is because that with the additional side repeaters, the 2 extra warning lights and the industrial strength buzzer I have fitted, there is still enough current going to operate the flasher unit properly.

I rewired them so they are now attached by proper plugs that are designed to be taken apart.  I also treated myself to a heat gun so that not only are the joints all soldered (rather than just twisted together) but they also have heat-shrunk insulation on them.   Should last forever.

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