Wednesday 7 October 2015

Revised Exhaust Pipe Block

At the Corby Glen Sheep Fair at the weekend I was asked over and over why I had a tea towel stuffed up the exhaust (except for one veteran kit car enthusiast who immediately recognised it was designed to increase back pressure.  He said he usually used a potato but it dried out and fell out ).   And there were dire warnings about it catching fire.   So I decided I should do something a bit more presentable, while still leaving it removable so I can test the emissions with and without it.   Having said that, when I pulled the tea towel out it was just carbonised at the end with no real sign of heat.

So I bought some stainless steel scouring pads and pushed them tightly up the pipe, then made a 'plug' by drilling a hole in a piece of wood and using the part that was punched out.   A bolt through the hole should allow me to remove it when required.

Looks much smarter.  Probably will still get the questions though

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