Thursday 15 October 2015

Brake Light Monitor

A couple of times recently I have found the brake lights have stopped working (reported by a kit car following me) because the switch has vibrated slightly out of position.   And because I tend to open the garage door before getting in the car I never actually notice.   So time for a solution.  I have now wired in an LED strip (£1.49 on E-Bay) in parallel with the brake lights.   Didn't want it to be a distraction as it is very bright, so hidden it inside the drivers dashboard.   So now when I tap the brakes I get a nice rosy glow on my right knee, very discrete.

So I am now in the fairly rare situation where all the lights actually work.

Later:   It also huighlighted the fact that the brake lights come on when the clutch pedal is pressed as well.

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