Monday 1 September 2014

Stealthy Indicators

Ever since I have had the car the indicators have been a problem.  The car is not fitted with an indicator canceller (or if is fitted it doesn't work), the flasher light on the console is very difficult to see, the buzzer is buried deep inside the dashboard and you cannot see the indicator lights.  So I have spent many a long period driving along blissfully unaware that the indicators were flashing.  

The previous owner had fitted an extra lamp on the dashboard to help, but I found my right hand obscured it.

 So I moved it to the centre console, hoping it would be easier to see.  But I still kept missing it as it was very dim (using a multi-meter I found it was only getting about 4 volts) and with the sun shining on it it was almost invisible.
After a chat at Donington I bought a new, large, indicator light and an industrial strength buzzer unit.  So out came the panel and some more wires added to the rats nest.   And I wired the bulb across the buzzer unit rather than the existing flasher so that it gets the full 12V.

This is the result.  A large blindingly bright bulb right in my sightline and the extra-noisy buzzer unit mounted outside on the steering column so it isn't deadened by the dashboard or carpet. 

Surely that will solve the problem ? 

Only time will tell.  I'll report back. 

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