Sunday 7 September 2014

Road Trip

Just back from my first go a 'road trip'.   I drove from Linconshire to High Wycombe via 2 of my children and the previous owner of the car.  Stayed overnight at my brother's house and then returned the following day.   I covered a total of 240 miles and the car behaved flawlessly.  The weather was just about perfect, overcast so I didn't get blinded or sunburnt, temperature around 70F and no sign of rain.   Temperature-wise she ran on the high side of normal but did not overheat, although the fan kicked in a couple of times at traffic lights.

Amazingly, I found the missing rear view mirror (See the original post here and the more recent post here) under the passenger seat while showing my brother around the car.  So on the return journey I fitted both mirrors to see what it was like. 

The old mirror was rock solid but still badly distorted the view, the new one gave a much better view but still vibrated a bit.  Next plan is to run them both and stabilise the lower one by attaching a link to the top one.

The new indicator buzzer was also very successful (See the relevant post here).  Even with headphones on I could hear it clearly and never left the indicators on by accident.  Apparently my brother could hear it when I turned at the end of his road about 50 yards away :-)

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