Sunday 28 September 2014

End of Season Get Together

As we approach the end of the 'season' the Club get together in a field in Northamptonshire for a weekend before some (not me) lay the cars up for the winter.   Apart from being a good social meet, this year the Committee laid on a bouncy castle for the kids, archery lessons for the adults (I actually did surprisingly well although more by luck than ability) and a brewery visit.  In the evening there was a BBQ, beer, cake and a band in the marquee.

It was a lovely relaxing weekend, covered yet another 100 miles, starting with a 1:30hr drive down country lanes in glorious weather to get there.  And with my new wind deflectors fitted it was all done 'no doors'.  Tremendous difference.

Having now got organised properly I camped overnight again.

Here is my 'home away from home'.  
I am now setup to cook my own dinner and Sunday breakfast was muesli and yoghurt, a bacon & egg butty and 2 cups of coffee.  More than I normally have at home :-)

I had actually forgotten the real pleasure of waking up on a crisp and clear Autumn morning to the sound of the birds and getting out of the tent into the wonderful weather.   Might have been different if it had been raining, but this time it was absolutely lovely.

Came back on another scenic route, stopping at the kids houses for a cup of coffee.  I didn't put my headphones on, which was handy as I heard a new noise.  It's amazing that with all the squeaks, rattles, pops and bangs that happen all the time a new noise can quickly be discerned.   

Turned out it was because 2 self-tapping screws had come out to of the exhaust heat shield causing it to vibrate.  

I had also found a bolt and two nuts missing from the offside mudguard I had replaced.   Good thing I have the label "Kit Car: Bits May Fall Off" on the back of the car :-)

As so often happens when you see other people's cars and discuss details with them I came away with more ideas to improve the car.  So plenty to do over the winter, although in the short term I MUST fix the exhaust blowing and mount the heatshield by a better method.

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