Tuesday 4 June 2024

National Kit Car Show

Since HS2 construction made a mess of Stoneleigh, the National Kit Car Show moved to the Malvern Showground.   The only proble with that is that it makes it a very long drive for me.   Almost 3 hours.

Nevertheless, as Membership Secretary of the UK Kit Car Club I felt obliged to go.   But I decided to do at least some of it the night before and stay over at my daughters (even though they were away on holiday).   I also decided to meet up with a friend from Bedford so we could drive down together.   All that worked very well, although it meant I covered over 4 hours driving in total.

Had a nice day at the Show, although it is much smaller these days, kit car ownership seems to be shrinking.   When it came to coming back a quick check on the Satnav showed that if I went on the motorway (normally something I avoid) I could do it in 2:45.   In the event it actually took 2:55, but turned out to be quite a nice drive.   Apart from a near miss on the M5 when someone tried to force me off the road See dashcam video. In his defence, there was an emergency vehicle rushing up behind him and he was sitting so high up he probably didn't know I was there.

I was really pleased that the cooling system worked perfectly, and when I checked I had covered 250 miles and the coolant level was still good.  I really think I have fixed it.

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