Thursday 23 May 2024

Indicators fail

 We get used to niggling faults with these cars.  After all they are hand-built.   Occasionally I run a full check of the lights as there are some you cannot see while driving (brake lights, indicators, flashers).   Normally a bulb failure in the indicator system is obvious as it starts flashing at twice the speed.   But I have so much on the system (6 flashing bulbs, 3 different lights in the cockpit and an industrial strength buzzer) that the loss of just one bulb has no effect.

On this occasion I saw the nearside front indicator was not operating.   To narrow down the cause I swapped the bulbs over and it was still the nearside one that wasn't working so it was obviously not getting power.

I also tested the emergency flashers to make sure it was just the bulb (remember I have an independent emergency system with it's on flasher relay.   Unfortunately they didn't work at all.  Luckily the design of my dashboard means I can reach behind the switch, so I wiggled all the wires and they suddenly started working so it was a dodgy connection.

Back to the normal indicators.  For various reasons I have 3 bullet connectors between the bulb and the wiring loom so that was my first port of call.  They all looked solid, but just tbe sure I took each one apart, cleaned the connectors and put them back.  After this I tried again and everything worked perfectly.  Just normal corrosion over time I guess.

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