Saturday 1 July 2023

Static Test (3) - Ignition Advance

Next instalment of the static test. In this one I look the ignition advance. I don’t pretend to understand the ignition advance logic except that I know it gets more advanced as the revs go up and drops when the throttle is reduced, and seems to have a built-in limit of 25°. You can see from the screenshot that it does shoot up to the maximum when I blipped the throttle. Remember there was a step drop in RPM at the 9.5 minutes and that is reflected in the ignition readings. Why the drop is there I have no idea. It’s obviously an algorithm in the ECU that the Rover engineers decided was needed when you move from the ‘cold’ engine mode to the ‘hot engine’ mode. It looks as though it doesn’t do much initially but after the switch it is much more active. 

I’ve added another picture of a more representative trip where it is working across the rev range showing an average advance of 18.8° which seems about right. So I’m happy that is all working.


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