Saturday 1 July 2023

Static Test (2) - Idle Speed

The next thing I wanted to check was the idle speed control. This is a fairly complicated setup in the Rover engine, using a stepper motor and something called the Input Air Control (IAC). It basically operates in the same way as we used to use a choke, but it is all automatically controlled by the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). Also known as the Engine Control Unit.

She started idling at 1400rpm then gradually started to drop, stabilising at 950rpm once she warmed up (You can see from the picture I blipped the throttle a bit at the 6.5 min point). The Rover T16 engine is supposed to idle at 850 rpm and although I have previously used software to drop the idle to that figure she always reverts back to 950 rpm. Originally the ECU was modified to remove the immobiliser function and I suspect that the default idle speed was upped a bit. So I’m happy with that. You can see from the screenshot that it gradually decreased then at the 9.5 min point there was a distinct step when she dropped from 1200rpm to 950rpm. I assume that is how it is supposed to work as the digital equivalent of the auto choke drops out.
May be an image of text that says 'MEMS 6ECU Analyser File Help RPM Temperature 6000 Battery Ignition Lambda Engine Speed (RPM) 5000 Loop Throttle Manifold 4000 STFT User-Defined 3000 2000 Details TripLength 19 mins Data 2768 Fault Codes Coolant Sensor 1000 Air ATemp Sensor 0000 Sampling Rate 2.43/sec 1.9 FuelTemp Sensor Data 3.8 Revolutions 5.7 7.6 Knock 9.5 11.4 1508 13.3 Gauge 15.2 17.1 495 Fuel Pump Relay 19.0 1519 1490 1504 Sensor 1534 Throttle Sensor Marker Full Trip Purge Valve mins Activate Marker the Right Arrow 19 nins Lambda Heater 10.28.txt 1589 AirCon 110 Long Term Fuel Trim'

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