Wednesday 2 March 2016

Redesigned Exhaust System

For a long time I have thought I should fit a flexible joint into the exhaust system to isolate the engine vibration from the catalytic converter and silencer.   Now I had 3 complete exhaust systems
I felt now was the time.   So out came the angle grinder and the result is very good.

Ignore the reflection, I don't have twin exhausts :-)

So now the exhaust consists of the manifold, then a short length of pipe that mounts the lambda sensor, then a short flexible joint and finally the combined catalytic converter and heat shield.

It's a pity that it will all be hidden when I put the heat shield back on. Maybe I won't bother.


  1. Just noticed your lamba sensor goes under the car rather than through the grommit like mine!

    How is your exhaust mounted at the other end? Mine is with a bobbin which failed last year - replaced like for like - but want to improve it so it doesn't get the latteral load that it suffers from now.

    How you finding the flex pipe?

    ta Ed

  2. That was just temporary while I was testing various sensors out. I never liked the fact that the sensor wires went through the grommet into the passenger footwell then through another grommet into the engine bay, so I drilled another hole in the side about 2" forward of the existing one so the wires go directly into the engine bay.

    When I bought the car it was bolted direct to the chassis. One day I visited Richard Stewart and he pointed out it should be on a bobbin, so I added one. It certainly made it quieter without the body acting as a sounding board, but after a year the vibration had wrecked the cat. That was the main reason for the flexible join and so far it looks very successful.