Tuesday 8 March 2016

Clutch Revisited

Had a 'clutch' day today.    A couple of years ago I redesigned the pedal/cable join to eliminate the 'kink' that causes Superspec cables to break (described here).   That resulted in the cable being too long and I took up the slack with a piece of copper plumbing  pipe.

While I was underneath at the weekend securing the lambda sensor wiring I noticed that the pipe had actually settled at quite an angle, which was introducing a bend in the cable, the one thing I was trying to avoid.

So took it out and built a new spacer from a block of wood (more forgiving than copper) and a stainless steel bracket to mount to the bolt you can see (and covered it in black masking tape to disguise the fact it was wood ).    

So now the cable meets the hole at 90 degs, avoiding the bend I had before.

Took her for a drive and the clutch is silky-smooth    Bite point is a bit lower than I like so next time I have her on axle stands I'll wind it up a bit.

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