Saturday 31 August 2013

The Clutch Cable

This was the first repair I attempted.  The previous owner had the original clutch cable snap while he was in Germany and the only replacement he could get was a handbrake cable off a German car.  A lot of research and discussion with other owners came up with the fact that the clutch cables snap regularly because of the way it is attached the clutch pedal puts it under strain.  In fact the original build recommendation was to cut of the eye at the end and trap the cable between some washers.  The correct one to use was from a 1984 Fiat Ducato (go figure!).  Amazingly a quick search on E-Bay and I found one straight away.

The problem with the pedal mount is as shown:

Because the cable is stressed by not being aligned it will fairly soon snap.  So the solution was to use a couple of small pieces of stainless steel as follows:

This solved the problem at the pedal end but meant that at the engine end there was now an extra inch of cable.   Easily solved with a short length of copper water pipe:

                   Before:                                      After:

And after adjusting it I had a lovely smooth clutch, with the ‘bite-point’ about 1” off the floor.  Perfect.  

(Although I still carry a spare clutch cable in the car)

Status:   Complete

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