Wednesday 4 September 2013

Ride Height Adjustment

Again I did a lot of research into this and asked other owners.   The most common answer was to replace the shock absorbers as this was one area where going for the cheapest option had resulted in a very poor ride.  But that is going to cost over £300 so I have that on the ‘future’ list.

It’s difficult to tell from the picture but the bottom mounting is on the 3rd of 4 holes on the wishbone so it seemed obvious that moving it to a hole nearer the chassis would raise the ride height.  

Unfortunately the advice was that this would put excessive stress on the wishbone and risk bending it if I hit a pothole. 

So the next thing to try was to wind the coil spring up.  You can tell from the picture that it was fully extended. 

After buying the right tool off E-Bay I wound the coils up about 11 turns as shown.   This raised the ride height from the 2” clearance below the sump to about 3.5”.  doesn’t  sound a lot but it had a dramatic improvement on the ‘grounding’ and I haven’t done it since.


However, I did find the steering became a light above 60mph, so after a few weeks I wound then back down 2 turns.   I still had 3” sump clearance and the handling seemed better.

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