Saturday 26 October 2013

The 'Boot' project

One of the major projects was to improve the boot. The starting point was a stainless steel cover, hinged at the front and nothing inside except the fuel tank. No room to store any tools, spare parts or emergency equipment. Difficult to open with the wet-weather gear attached and lots of sharp edges underneath. 

So, first step was to build a wooden insert. Fit carpet to it to avoid tools rattling, and fit a vinyl lined surround to match the dashboard.

So initially it takes the following: Jack, Wheel Brace, Screwdrivers, Spanners, Pliers, Wire, Fuses, Insulating Tape, Socket Set, First Aid Kit and spare bulbs. 

Followed by: Tow Rope, Jump Leads, Torch, Duct Tape, Stanley Knife, 2 x Adjustable Spanners, High Visibility Jacket, Spare Fan Belt and Spare Clutch Cable. 

Have I forgotten anything ? 

This is what it looks like installed on the car, with a nice vinyl covered lid, again matching the dashboard. 

Hinges moved to the back of the car so it can be opened with the wet-weather gear installed and fitted with a locking mechanism to keep things safe.

Finally a luggage rack added in case I have to take a passenger anywhere and cannot use the passenger seat and foot well as storage. 

All it needs now is a wicker picnic basket on the rack !! 

Status:  Complete

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