Wednesday 12 October 2022

Minor fixes

 Time to fix the 2 problems identified at Corby Glen.   First I looked at the clutch switching on the brake light.  My first attempt was to spray the pivot points of both the clutch and the brake pedals, and loosen off the bolt they are mounted on.   That didn't help so I loosened off the brake light switch and moved it a couple of mms away from the brake pedal.   That worked, although the light doesn't come on unless I am positively braking, but that is fine.

Second was the reversing lights and sensor not working.  The common factor here is the reversing switch fitted to the gearbox so I put her on axle stands and went underneath.  I didn't have to search very far for the reason:

The yellow wire was firmly attached, the red wire was floating free.

So I just plugged the red wire in and checked again.   The lights started working but after a few seconds failed again.

I tried shorting the wires and the lights and sensor starting working, so it meant that either the switch had failed or the connections weren't making.   A quick check with a multi-meter showed the switch was fine.   So I rewired the spade connectors with brand new ones, plugged them in and everything was fine.

Good job done.

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