Tuesday 27 August 2019

Stamford Car Show

Took her to the Stamford Car Show on Sunday.   A bit disappointing, only 4 cars turned up, the usual suspects who keep the Lincolnshire chapter working, even though one lives in Rutland and one in Leicestershire :-)

As you can imagine it was ridiculously hot so we spent most of the day sitting under trees about 100 yds away.:-)
She drove well apart from an occasional quite disconcerting rattle which came and went depending on engine speed.   I was a bit worried till I realised it must be my new sump guard, which isn't such a snug fit as the last one, was vibrating at a resonant speed and hitting the engine.  And not surprisingly the engine ran about 2-3 degrees hotter on the journey back as the outside temp was 86F.

So I have taken the sump guard off, bent the holding arms to make it a better fir and put some cardboard between the sump and the guard to isolate it in case it still vibrates.   Time will tell if that works.

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