Tuesday 23 April 2019

New Oil Pressure Gauge

Been taking her out most days, but took some time out today to tinker.

You might have seen earlier in the blog that I fitted a cheap Chinese electric oil pressure gauge some time ago.  Initially I was a bit concerned as when the engine started it shot up to 90psi and under load went to 100 psi.  Even when the engine was warm it still hovered around the 90psi mark when cruising and dropped to only 80psi when idling.    

The official pressures from the T16 manual are 0.7 bar (10.5 psi) for the idle and 3.8 bar (57 psi) when running.
I just decided there must be a mismatch between the sender and the gauge so ignored it, although I was glad of it when I holed the sump as, unlike the warning light, it gave plenty of warning that I was losing oil.

Anyway, I decided to treat myself to a proper, old school, mechanical one and see what that read.   Fitted it all in and started the engine.   Slightly better, but still very high.  At idle the pressure was 70psi, rising to 80 psi when I blipped the throttle.  

So took her for a run to warm the engine up and when I got back the 'running' pressure was 76 psi and the idle was 62 psi.   So still way above specification and I am not sure what to do, if anything.   Maybe those are minimum values and the engine is just very healthy?   I think I will ask on the forum and on the Rover forum as well.

Here it is as bought  

and then installed:

Thank goodness manufactures all still use 2" as the standard size.

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