Tuesday 2 August 2016


Feeling rather pleased with myself.   She just sailed through the MOT with no advisories.

Quite chuffed, as I have put a fair amount of effort this year in making sure everything was right.  Apparently the MOT chap was very impressed with my indicator notification system (high intensity LED and industrial strength buzzer), said it was the best he had seen on a kit car.

I was slightly worried about the noise level as the exhaust is a bit noisy, but apparently all he said was "sounds like a real sports car".

And the big test, of course, was the emissions check, where she has either failed or been marginal for the last few years.   Well it exceeded all my expectations.   CO2 was 0.018 (max allowed 0.2), HC was 23 (max allowed is 200)  and the lambda sensor was 0.999  (range allowed is 0.97-1.03, perfect is 1.0)  which is as close to perfection as I could ask.

Now that everything works properly I can go back to cosmetic tinkering , having eased off a bit after I had got her ready for the MOT.

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