Wednesday 15 June 2016

Indicators Again

Weather still not good enough to take her out so had to tinker.   Despite the industrial strength buzzer coupled to the indicators I still find I drive for miles with the indicator on if I am on a long journey and listening to a podcast on my headphones.  The basic problem is that the old-style warning lights just don't show up in bright sunlight.  

So as a temporary test I have added a strip of high power LEDs  that I had lying around.

I will also check out a single 'ultra bright' LED (£1.79 on E-Bay) and see if that works.  If the strip is better I'll get some nice green ones and do a better design, probably tucked up underneath the scuttle.      
Might even look at replacing ALL the warning lights with LEDs when I do the complete redesign of the dash (winter project).

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