Wednesday 19 August 2015

Passed the MOT

Once the catalytic converter had been replaced, we put her in for the MOT.  Unfortunately she failed, but only on the steering lower Universal Joint.   

This had an interesting history.  The previous owner warned me that she had previously failed on the same joint, but after he had tightened it up she had passed.   Last year, she was again loose but my mechanic managed to get her tight enough to pass.   This year the actual joint was worn so no amount of tightening would give us a pass.

Luckily I had bought a spare one last year so I thought we good to go.
Unfortunately it soon became apparent that this one (and the one already on the car) were from a Land Rover instead of an Escort and were slightly too big to grip the splines on the shaft properly.  Hence the need for the drastic over tightening.   But the mechanic tackled it with some big tools and managed to make it fit

Apart from that, and an advisory on one of the rubber bushes on the rear shock absorber she passed with flying colours.


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