Saturday 16 May 2015

Rear End Tinkering

Having spent time sorting out the front end I decided to have a look at the rear end.  There were 3 things on the ToDo List:

1.  Raise the rear height.  I had tried before and failed to manage it.
2.  Adjust the handbrake.  Although it had passed the MOT I felt it needed tightening up a bit.
3.  Mount the offside fog light direct to the body to match the nearside light.

Didn't have much success.   I couldn't actually release 2 of the wheel nuts on the nearside rear wheel, in fact I snapped my wheel brace trying.   Looks as though the garage tightened them with an air gun a bit too aggressively.   I still tried to raise the springs, but as before, when I tried to turn the lock nut the whole shock absorber rotated.   Have to leave that to the experts with the right tools.

And didn't manage to do the handbrake either.  I couldn't actually see where the adjuster was so will have to do some research.

But I did manage the fog light, although it was rusted solid and I had to drill out the original bolt. So now the 2 sides match.


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