Monday 16 February 2015

The Mudflap Saga Continues

After the recent poor weather the car continues to get filthy.  And although the recent change to a 6mm mudflap was working it still wasn't preventing mud from accumulating on the body and the rear mudguard splashguard.   But then I realised that unlike most cars, where the mudflap is attached to the body of the car, mine was actually attached to the mudguard which was attached to the wheel.  

So whereas on most cars you need an appreciable gap at the bottom of the mudflap to allow for suspension travel  (and it still scrapes the ground on my Volvo on a sharp right turn), I did not have this limitation and could install the mudflap as low as I liked.

So here is next attempt.  I have stuck with 6mm rubber but now it is much longer and clears the ground by only about an inch. Will see tomorrow (weather looking good) if it works.  If not I might have to give up.
I also took the opportunity to fix the indicators, as technically I was driving illegally.  As expected (just the front offside wasn't working, the rest were flashing at double-speed and the bulb was OK) it was a loose connection just inside the nose cone where the indicator wires meet the main loom.  I also took the opportunity to mark the wires with coloured insulating tape so that I don't get the wires reversed when I take the nose cone off (next job on my ToDo list is to improve the lower mounting of the cone).

Later:   Mudflap very successful, dirt and muck along car and on rear mudguard much reduced.  Now I just need to do the other side.

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