Monday 3 November 2014

Folding Doors

Since I bought the car some 15 months ago I have tended to drive with the doors fitted and the soft top rolled up and stored at the back.  Only on really warm days when there was no chance of rain would I drive with the doors off.  Even then it was very 'blowy'.

That has changed dramatically since fitting the Wind Deflectors (see here) and now I drive all the time with the doors off.   This gives me a problem as to where to store the doors while driving.  There is no point having the soft top fitted if I don't have the doors.

The doors are desgined around a metal 'skelton' covered by fabric.  A discussion at the last Meet showed me that many other owners have simply cut the vertical struts of the skeleton so that the doors can be folded and then stored behind the seats.

So out came the hacksaw and 5 minutes later I have 2 folding doors. 

They still fit perfectly, and as they are anchored at opposite corners the structural integrity has been maintained.  It may be that the bottom front will flap a bit at high speed, so I may look at attaching some small magnets to clamp them to the stainless steel body.

Most importantly, they now slide in nicely behind the passenger seat.  So now I can go out without the doors fitted comfortable in the knowledge that if I get caught in the rain I am fully ready.

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