Monday 14 April 2014

Raising the Rear Ride Height

After raising the front ride height I felt that the steering was a bit light above 60mph so thought it would be an idea to raise the back about an inch as well.  This would also help with the occasional grounding of the exhaust mounting.  

  It was the same method as I had used at the front (See earlier post here).   Unfortunately, when I tried to turn the adjusting nut the whole of the shock absorber sleeve turned.   

So I had to try and find some way of locking it in position.

I didn't have another wide enough spanner to grip the lower part, but also that might have damaged the thread.   So I tried winding gardening wire around it and attaching the end to the rear axle, so that it tightened up as I turned the lock nut.  Nice idea but it didn't work, it looks as though I need some steel wire.  

So decided I needed to sleep on it.  And the weather was absolutely glorious so I decided my time was better spent driving the car around and not getting dirty underneath it.

Status:  Not completed

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